• 0.17.0

Supplementary Maven plugin for Jcabi Parent POM

It is used in com.jcabi:parent POM project in order to automate certain build operations.

You can use it directly, as explained in the examples:

  • ajc: weaves .class files with AspectJ aspects available in classpath (binary weaving).
  • versionalize: adds plain text files with version information to every Java package in your source directory.

Starting from the version 0.10 there are two parameters you may setup to select the version of your Java code :

  • source
  • target

If you don't setup them, it is assumed that your code is compatible with Java 1.6. For Java 8 configuration look the example java8.

Cutting Edge Version

If you want to use current version of the product, you can do it with this configuration in your pom.xml:


Note: jcabi-maven-plugin has to have hibernate-validator dependency as in the example to avoid "JSR-303 validator failed to initialize: Unable to instantiate Configuration" warning during build.